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Web Design and basic tips

Web Design and basic tips

Web Design and Basic Tips – Web design deals with the question of how to present your content in a manner that would attract and provide ease to your targeted visitors. There are a number of rules and tenets that a web designer should observe, but this article offers basic tips that are practical and straight to the point.

Make a relevant offer. What use do people have for your website? Why should they visit your site and go through its pages? It is imperative for a webpage to have useful and interesting content. This is what web design can improve and work on because no form of graphics can possibly make a page relevant when it’s useless to begin with.

Keep file sizes small. Images that take up a huge space can cause slow loading responses in your page. This can bore and even cause nuisance to your visitors. Optimize your images so that your pages will load fast in any browser.

Keep it simple. In designing a web page, people are likely to use different kinds of graphics. Make sure that the graphic images that you use are related to the content of your page. Do not use blinking, glittering, or flashing banners because studies have shown that these merely repel visitors instead of capture their attention. Scrolling text makes reading inconvenient and image backgrounds are amateur and slow to load, so avoid these as well.

Reduce scrolling. There are prescribed and standardized layouts or templates for specific sites – three columns for pages that are heavy on content, for instance. Make use of these templates to make navigation through your site easier for visitors. You may think sideway scrolling makes you unique and interesting, but this is not what users want. Make information and options easily available to users.

Use standard fonts. Stick to standard fonts like Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman. Do not change fonts too often and limit your page to two kinds of fonts. Avoid using italics because it makes text difficult to read. Consistency in font style will make your page appear more pleasing to the eye and professional.

Advertising. Websites generate a great deal of revenue through advertisements. However, ratio should be kept at ¾ content and ¼ advertising. People do not go to websites to view ads; they search for content. Do not overwhelm your visitors with pop-ups and a lot of sponsored text.

Basically, you should keep the users’ interest in mind. You do not create a website for your own self-satisfaction but you build web pages for your potential visitors. It will be helpful to imagine yourself as a visitor, avoid things that would likely annoy you and prioritize what users would look for.

Web design involves different kinds of tasks, and if you lack experience in the field, web design outsourcing is an option that can provide flexibility as well as ensure that your website is optimized and professionally designed. For those who have working knowledge in web design, you can also outsource web design projects that are small yet time-consuming, like creating Flash elements and maintenance.

Numerous companies choose to outsource web design to the India because of the availability of highly skilled workforce, low labour costs, and the people’s good English communication skills that improve the quality and efficiency of the outsourcing process.

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