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Speed Up Magento

Speed Up Magento – We learned from a lot of magento project for years, the magento speed is the key to make customers/users happy but it take us a lot of time to optimize too. So let‘s take it easy by following these steps to Speed up Magento. We are pretty sure you will be happy with the result.

Magento is feature-rich, professional open-source ecommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control but it require a good platform what is configured right for it to run it fast. Almost people will think Magento is too slow but they will never know that Magento can run very fast if you make the right choice and do the right way base on their platform feature requirements. Just need to solve the magento speed problem then it‘s really a perfect ecommerce solution. Ok, I know we are still in a big question: How to Speed up Magento?

Let ‘s go through 5 ways to speed up magento base on our development from 2009, we are sure it will help you have a good speed for your magento site.

Speed up Magento by Clean database log

It‘s easy to understand that your magento can’t work well with a huge database. Many store keep too much the data they‘ve never used. So let‘s clean it in easy way by Optimize magento database by Cleaning log. It shouldn’t take you more 30 minutes to do but get a very good effect.

Caching configuration for Magento

Magento is designed so it focus to caching very much to have the best performance, but the default caching engine of magento is File System. They use it just because all of servers support it. But File System cache is the slowest caching engine. We need to configure magento to get it faster by other caching engine. My experience about speed up magento by caching engine is this flow from slow to fast.

File System => APC => Memcached => Redis cache => Varnish cache

The question is: why we don’t use Varnish cache in the most performance speed for all of magento sites? Because it take an advantage development and maintain so that only use it in the case you really need a very high speed. Maybe you don’t know that you can speed up magento roughly 200 times in practice with Varnish.

Magento server configuration optimization

This is a long instructions to speed up magento by server optimization. Basically, you need a very good magento hosting to get it make sense to do all of configuration or it just make your magento site crash and doesn’t work. Instead of play around too hard with server configuration and installation, I will show you how to choose a very good hosting with good price and support.

It is not easy to choose a good magento hosting provider to get your magento work well. The most case you only need shared web hosting what support everything for Magento. And your hosting provider must have magento expert to help you solve problem come from Magento. Our recommend is SiteGround Magento Hosting package. They have everything you need include Memcached what can help you speed up a lot.

And finally, the last thing after you buy a good host is follow this article instruction How to Optimize Magento Performance?

MySQL configuration optimization

A little bit advance but let me bring to here too. If you’re a mysql hero, you don’t need me to tell you how but we want to try and get the following settings in your my.cnf

[php] query_cache_type = 1
query_cache_size = 32M


If you don’t have root access to check /etc/my.cnf (or /etc/mysql/my.cnf) variables, then login to mysql or use phpmyadmin to show variables.

[php] $ mysql -u mysqluser -p magento_database_name


…and finally do a little setting for php.ini

[php] php_value memory_limit 128M


Advantage performance optimization

This is come in a too complex works what I can’t write everything here. Basically, the magento system is complex and one of the way to speed up magento is make strategy for caching in process workflow. This can be done by Full page caching extension.

Another caching way what can help you a lot in caching with combine server and magento process is Varnish caching with Varnish magento extension. You can find out here. But it is not easy to install and configure at all. If you need help for this you can contact us to have a quote for your site.

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