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24th October 2012

SEO Knowledge Sharing

We dedicate a lot time in sharing the knowledge and teaching people the subject of web & search Engine optimisation. Training, teaching and building more free Search Engine Marketing and optimisation products that we believe will help increase organic traffic…

22nd October 2012

PageSpeed Insights – Website Speed!

PageSpeed Insights- PageSpeed is the measure of how web pages are loaded. Page Speed evaluates performance from the client point of view, typically measured as the page load time. This is the lapsed time between the moment a user requests…

9th October 2012

Optimization – Necessary or not!

Website Optimization– Necessary or not! Have you wondered why a website has no performances? Do you know why a website can have declines in the search engines? Many times we receive e-mails with requests of free SEO tests. This happens…

8th October 2012

How do I test a website?

How do I test a website – In our opinion, any company or a person that offers SEO optimisation or promotion, should have a website that mirrors that claim and reflects the professionalism in the subject area claimed. We created…

8th October 2012

What is SEO!

SEO & its meaning! What is SEO? The listing position that your website appears at in search engine results is the result of many factors unseen by the end-user. The techniques used by SEO experts to obtain higher page positioning…

23rd September 2012

Website SEO Optimization

Website SEO Optimization - The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry is saturated with an abundance of SEO companies claiming to provide the best services.  There is a major difference between promises and actual results. At On-SEO London, our track record speaks…

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