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SEO in Magento – most popular search engine? Google, by a country mile at over two thirds Plus, Google’s database is currently used by lots of other search engines. To do well in Google, you simply follow three mantras: visibility, relevance and popularity.

Make sure your site is readable

Visibility is about basic mechanics. Getting your site seen and indexed. Google works by sending out little “robots” that spider around the Internet, examining pages, titles, headers, links, file names, content and the HTML underneath it. What robots can read gets indexed.

Many e-commerce websites cannot be read at all, because products and their descriptions are hidden deep inside databases. Stuff in images, Flash and frames is also almost always invisible to search engines. Magento websites are particularly well built for being read:

  • the URLS are flat (i.e. don’t have odd characters and are succinct)
  • the pages are made of well structured HTML
  • clients have detailed control over SEO assets such as Page Titles are meta data
  • Google sitemaps are automatically generated

The most important asset is the Page Title (the TITLE tag and the name of the page in your browser window). The page title is the first line of Google’s listing on its search results page. These are also special HTML tags containing instructions about what Google should look out for: your site’s description (META DESCRIPTION – which it adds to the database and makes up the next few lines on the results listing.

Of less importance nowadays are the key words (META KEYWORDS). Basic textual content is also scanned, such as headers and body copy.

Roxana is the Founder and SEO of SEO Company Bristol, a leading digital marketing agency with headquarters in Bristol, United Kingdom. Roxana also makes regular contributions on the topic of SEO to

Roxana is an enthusiastic professional with great clarity of thoughts that make her ideas stand out. She is someone who is capable of turning difficulties into opportunities. Roxana is a specialist in SEO, Social Media, Web Design, WordPress.

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