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SEO - Important Aspects

SEO – Important Aspects

SEO – Important Aspects – All SEO tactics used to get your site successfully crawled and positioned in the major search engines evolve with the technology used to render websites, but the basic fundamentals stay the same. There are three major aspects to SEO that you should be sure to concentrate on when optimizing your website – keywords, links, and graphics. Use this checklist to ensure that your site will achieve the highest possible search engine rankings :

SEO Keywords

  • Make sure the keywords that you are targeting are relevant to your website’s content.
  • Keywords should be phrases that are commonly used in the search engines. There is no point in having your website optimized with search words or phrases that search engine users are not going to search with.
  • The titles of your pages should start with your keywords.
  • The content of your pages should be full of your keywords and other related information.
  • All tags on your website should be optimized with your targeted keywords.
  • Be sure that your keywords are included in your website’s filenames.

SEO Links

  • External links are extremely important in search engine optimization. First, make sure that your site is listed in DMOZ also known as the Open Directory Project. DMOZ provides many of the search engine results for the most popular search engines, including Google.
  • Your website should be listed in human edited online directories.
  • It is essential you make sure that your website has a sitemap with text links.
  • Avoid linking with anyone who asks – focus on linking with websites that have a page rank as high as yours or better. Also, link with websites that relate to yours or are complimentary to yours. For example, if you have a fashion-related website, link with other fashion, accessory, or beauty websites.

SEO Graphics

  • Make sure that your website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What this does is completely separate the code that is used to “layout” the web site from the content (Keywords etc) of your website. What happens is the Search Engine Spiders are able to completely ignore the formatting code. This makes the search engine spider find your content / keywords etc right away without the possibility of getting caught in bad code or having to sift through unnecessary code in order to find your keywords / content etc.
  • The graphics that are on your website should also have descriptive and keyword rich alternative attributes that are useful for visitors.
  • Using these three aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will surely help your website get ranked faster.

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