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Prestashop - Display the Brands You Deal With in Your Home Page

Prestashop – Display the Brands You Deal With in Your Home Page – If your store constitutes a wide range of products and brands, it might be an enticing factor to lure customers by letting them know that their favorite brands are available with you. Popular and top brands have a dedicated customer base by themselves, one they have amassed over the ages. These brands have earned their trust over time and customers dedicatedly buy from them.

So even if your store brand is not as popular as yet, if you are selling products from top brands – it is a good idea to let it be known and you can do so by displaying the brand logos prominently on your homepage. Knowing that certain brands of products are available with your store, might tempt customers to shop from you. Tie-ups with big brands could also act in your favour as it indirectly enhances your personalized reputation as a store.

To enable a showcase of brand logos on your website, PrestaShop has just the right module for you. It is the PrestaShop Brand Display. It is a custom built brand display block that is a proven and smart way of displaying brands on your website. It is absolutely under your control and you can customize it totally the way you want to. The dimensions of the brand logo display can be configured as per your wish and fancy and in accordance to the space allotted for it, so that it fits in seamlessly and blends with the rest of the webpage.

The visually appealing display can be placed in any of the four positions on your website. From the admin panel, the admin can easily configure the scrolling options and the speed with which the scrolls are carried out. Brands can be displayed to appear separately and each brand will constitute its own respective URL. By clicking the logo the user can be led to the respective brand’s page.

Further, the title of the block also can be customized to your choice, customized to the font style and size that suits the overall theme of the website. Every little detail of your display block can be effortlessly configured from the simple to use admin panel that the module provides to you.

These logos are an important visual reference as they will instantly grab the attention of your website visitors, and customers who will be particularly on the lookout for any indication that you stock the brand that they are looking for. In recent times, customers’ expectations have risen dramatically, also in the way with which they interact with brands – in-store, social media, or retailers’ websites.

This simplified online purchasing motivator is mutually exclusive, as it allows brands and customers to build a better relationship with each other via your store. All this with a dramatically improved web-based user experience and optimal convenience.

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