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Optimization - Necessary or not

Optimization – Necessary or not!

Website Optimization– Necessary or not! Have you wondered why a website has no performances? Do you know why a website can have declines in the search engines? Many times we receive e-mails with requests of free SEO tests. This happens in general after a website has had a decline in the search engines or the promotion made has no results. That could mean that the site designers did not place an emphasis on optimisation or was this service is considered a separate service at the time.

The difference between a correctly optimized website and a website without optimization could mean how far or near you business could be to that lucrative deal. Below are some of the things to consider as optimisation procedure that must be made to a website to attain the correct optimisation percentage.

Keyword density – Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page. Usually the keyword density is calculated after stripping all HTML, JavaScript and other markup, much like a search engine views your site.

  • Page title tag
  • Description tag
  • Headline, subheadlines and body text
  • Internal and external in-text links
  • Image names and alt tags.

Many times, on the free platforms such as – Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, CS-Cart, Magento, etc., due to modules or components incorrectly installed or with errors, a site will have a weak loading in the browser. The optimization tests are made by the professionals in the SEO field and they require experience. A website can be developed on various platforms or created in PHP, HTML, etc, as such, different factors can affect the ranking your a site in search engines.

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