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Joomla SEO - Higher Search Engine Rankings

Joomla SEO – Higher Search Engine Rankings

Joomla SEO – Higher Search Engine Rankings – Learning how to setup Joomla SEO properly will help you get higher search engine rankings as well as get more targeted website traffic for whatever type of website your are building. In this piece, I will show you a few offpage Joomla SEO tricks to help your site. For the onpage SEO tips, please, see the end of this article for more resources on that.

You should therefore, take every single RSS feed on your website and submit them to these RSS directories. You can benefit from doing this in 3 ways:

  • The RSS directory users who find your RSS feed and click on it will end up on your website. That’s targeted website traffic for you.
  • When your RSS feeds are accepted and published in these directories, they act as free one-way links pointing back to your website. The Google pagerank of these directories will help boost your Joomla SEO efforts.
  • Your site will get pushed to the top of the search engine rankings as a result of the links from these directories as well as the traffic that keeps coming in from them.

Submit Your RSS Feeds: Every Joomla web site has the capability to generate RSS feeds. You can also go a step (well, actually two) ahead of the typical Joomla webmasters by configuring your site in a way that every content section and category will have an RSS feed of its own. The result of this feature is enormous. People online sometimes decide to subscribe to your RSS feeds (by clicking on the golden graphic in the address bar) so that they can be notified and updated whenever you post new content (articles, videos, etc) on your Joomla website.There are also websites online (RSS directories) that exist for the sole purpose of collecting, categorizing and publishing these RSS feeds so that people can easily find and subscribe to them.

Social Bookmarking Sites: You have probably heard of Digg, StumbleUpon, and a host of other social bookmarking. If you have good content on your Joomla site, you can register on these websites and share (by posting or linking to) your pages on them. This will boost your Joomla SEO in the same way that submitting your feeds to RSS directories will positively affect your sites. (Remember the three-fold benefits above? Yes, the same ones.) So, go ahead and share your free content on these site.

These are not the only Joomla SEO tips that you should learn and apply, but theseshould give you a good start. But you should also look into others as well as do the very important onsite Joomla search engine optimization (SEO) that also plays a big role  in your search engine optimization efforts.

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