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How do I test a website

How do I test a website?

How do I test a website – In our opinion, any company or a person that offers SEO optimisation or promotion, should have a website that mirrors that claim and reflects the professionalism in the subject area claimed. We created this article from the desire to help people understand what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about and how to identify a webpage built with best practices in mind. We have put some basic tools together and made them available for ordinally people to test websites and we are happy if you start testing with our own site.

WARNING! – There are very many ways and tools that can be used to get a website rank up high in search engine results. Most of those tools are paid for expensively through ongoing web promotion campaigns. Our approach is simple; we use practices that promotes websites organically without having to incur huges expenses if you don’t have to.

HOW FAST IS YOUR SITE? Test with Google’s Page Speed Online – Here you can test: Test your website performance


A well optimised site should meet some standard criteria, without which a website is unlikely to keep up with competition. It is also possible that a poorly optimised site can appear in first organic search engine results.

This could be because of age of the site, the Page Rank, a large number of back-links or content, otherwise, for a newly launched site to rank high in search engine results, it will have to have been done with the best web practices, otherwise chances of such a webpage’s success in results and competition for a high place are highly dismal.

Some standard criteria for good optimization:

  •  SEO Friendly URLs – a site should have such URLs – / as-a-site test / or / as-a-site.html test, a test-cum-site.php. If the site has URLs like – / index.php? 345-.html, or other oddities, that site will not look good in ‘optimisation’s’ books and consiquently it will be knocked over by competition.
  • Percentage of optimization – a well optimised website should exceed a percentage of 85%, below this percentage, the site is very weak and can easily drop in results.
  • There are no XHTML or CSS errors
  • There are no dead links
  • Images to be optimized and compressed.

These are some of the basic standard criteria to be met by a website done with web’s best practices. Such websites are likely to be regarded a ‘good’ or web built websites by search engines.

How do I test a Website?

There are several tools one can use to test a site. We explore two here; one online and another tool by installing software or add-ons testing sites for Firefox or Google Chrome.

Testing rate optimization – Google offers a free testing tool for optimizing Web pages to a few hand picked webmasters.

The Speed Test with Google Page Speed, you can install this in your computer at home, you will also need Firebug plugin installed, then you can test your website on Google. The toolbar should show Page Rank for each site visited and the Alexa rank.

Validate XHTML/HTML5 and CSS – Google, the company experts Matt Cutts said that it is more merciful with sites that have errors XHTML/HTML5 and CSS. Such errors can occur because of errors in PHP, HTML, modules or components from different platforms, etc.. One has got to weigh the pros and cons of having third party code or scripts in their website and decide whether to put up with these errors or removed third part tools to get rid of the errors that come with them. Our site offers free Validation controls for XHTML and CSS.

This topic is highly controversial if you look at discussions in forums online. Our point is that a site must meet these terms, conditions and guidelines offered by search engines. You seek the knowledge , you judge and draw your own conclusion.

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Dorel is an enthusiastic professional with great clarity of thoughts that make his ideas stand out. He is someone who is capable of turning difficulties into opportunities. Dorel is an expert in SEO, social media, web design, WordPress, Magento and more.

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