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Free Search Engine Optimization

Free Search Engine Optimization

Free Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization, a set of techniques meant to increase the visibility or ranking of a website or web page in search engines, through non-paid search results. As a consequence, if one website frequently appears in the listed search results, it will gain more and more visitors form the search engine.

The role of the keyword is essential. You have to find the right one, that will lead people to your page. All results represent the basis of keyword researches, indicating how many times did different visitors search for the same phrase, number of the returned results and also number of websites using the same keywords. This is an extremely important information for the Internet marketing strategy. SEO techniques will always change, being influenced by Internet searches. They may refer to several types of search, like local, image or video search in order to create the web presence of a site.

SEO methods may be classified in two main categories. There are several techniques of SEO Manchester, recommended by the search engines, the so called white hat SEO. Their results are usually long lasting. The second type is represented by those techniques that don’t get approval from the engines, also called black hat SEO. The visibility of the website is increased by means that involve deception. Two examples are cloaking or the use of hidden text.

There are some specific tools used in order to obtain a higher position in the engines. Some free SEO tools will be useful for increasing the visibility of a website, while the advanced tools make the site more visible but they also provide a better ranking, so visitors will easily find it.

Meta Tags may be of great use, because they provide the visitors and the engines essential information like keywords, language and page description. Meta Tag Analyzer follows closely the Meta Tag Builder. It verifies the entire content of the site indicating if it will be accepted by the search engines. Easy Submit is another important tool, because it facilitates the submission of the website to the engines. It will only take a few minutes.

You can easily increase your website traffic and search ranking by following some simple rules. It was already mentioned – the appropriate keyword. The domain name is also very important, as well as the use of keywords in page titles, file names and folders. Create a concise site map and content, using frequently the keywords.

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