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Add a Contact in Joomla

Add a Contact in Joomla

Add a Contact on Joomla – With it’s built-in contact component, adding a contact form to your Joomla site is a very easy process. You can create multiple categories of contacts, each with multiple contacts themselves. This tutorial will be a walkthrough of how to setup a new contact.

The first thing to do is login to the Joomla backend. This is at

The first step in this process will be to add a new category to place our contacts in. Categories all you to group sets of contacts so you can have forms for all members of your sales team, or all of your managers. First go to Components > Contacts > Categories. The screen shows you an overview of any categories that already exist. By default there will be one category named “Contacts”. You will want to click the New button in the upper right corner of the screen to create a new category. There will be a form you’ll need to fill in. You can limit who can view this category by choosing the level in the Access Level select box. You can set an image to show for the category if you want. When you have everything setup you can click the Save button.

After the contact category has been created we can go add a contact. Go to Components > Contacts > Contacts. The screen shows you an overview of any contacts that already exist. Now, click the New button to create a new contact. Fill out the short form for your contact’s details. You can link a contact to a user, then you won’t need to write in their email address. You can also add your mailing and other important contact data. If you decide you want to add data to the contact’s profile but you don’t want visitors to be able to see if from your site you can control what is shown using the parameters. If you want to block certain email addresses or text you can do that under the email parameters. This is very useful for controlling contact form spam.

For people to be able to use the form it will need to be added to the menu. Go to Menus > Main Menu. This will show you all items in your menu. Click New to add a new menu item. Select the Contacts loink under Internal Link. To create a form with multiple contacts click the Contact Category Layout link. Clicking the Standard Contact Layout link will allow you link to a single contact.

If you choose Contact Category Layout you will want to add the title, which is what will show in the menu. The category that gets shown is set under the parameters. You can also control a number of other parameters. If you go with the Standard Contact Layout you need to add the Title which controls what is shown in the menu. To choose which contact is displayed it gets set under the parameters. You can also control a number of other parameters.

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