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13th September 2015

What is CMS WordPress

What is CMS WordPress - Over the past five years, WordPress quickly became one of the most popular blogging tools online. Now WordPress has an intuitive interface that goes beyond basic blogging. You can create a stellar website, blog and have…

13th September 2015

The Best CMS Platform

The Best CMS Platform - WordPress is open source, flexible, SEO friendly, responsive and user-friendly open source CMS (Content Management System) and that it is why the best CMS platform in use today. Millions of the website owners in the…

13th September 2015

Why do you use WordPress

Why do you use WordPress - Perhaps, you belong to any of these 2 types of business owners: You are aware that your business needs a website. However, you lack the funds or time to create one; or You may…

12th September 2015

WordPress Permalinks

WordPress Permalinks - A "permalink" is how the URL (website address) of a WordPress post appears. It is very important that you set your desired Permalink structure first thing after building your new website for a few reasons. First, because…

2nd September 2015

Website Design Cost

Website Design Cost - When trying create a budget for a business that includes website design cost it is important for a business owner to consider the variables that will affect the final cost of this type of project. The…

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